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Now you can search for football games that are suitable to trade. Instead of click-traversing the Betfair website use this tool to find games where the prices fits your trading requirements.

 The search is divided into two variants.

The first variant is a "preset search", which basically are predefined searches that looks for games suitable to the various strategies.

At the moment presets are created for Adster Aperitif, LTD, NAC, Nugget Nibble, Clint, FIP, Covers and Cunders and Homer. But this list will be extended.

The user selects which strategies he want to use and after a mouseclick he is presented with the matches that are suitable for those strategies. (from an odds standpoint that is) The user can click on a game header to expand the markets display. The marketnames are also hyperlinked to the Betfair website and the corresponding market page there.

The second variant is a "custom search" where the user can enter his own price ranges for the various selections on the markets to display only the matches that fits his search criteria. Also here the minimum matched can be used. This search uses the same style of search results display as the "presets". Click on a match to extend the markets etc.